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Oscars 2014: Who I Want to Win/ Who (Probably) Will Win

So there's this little award show going down on Sunday. I think it's called the Golden Academy Globe Awards or "the Oscars" for short. If you haven't heard of it, don't sweat it. Most people probably haven't. In a total coincidence for the third year in a row, I've managed to watch every single movie that's been nominated for Best Picture. But it's not like I care that much...let's get to it:

Best Picture

Who I Want to Win: "American Hustle". Clearly I watched this movie before all the backlash began but it is hands down my favorite Oscar movie of the year. That scene where all the characters come together for the opening of the casino is perfection. You can have your "12 Years a Slave", I'll keep my fat Christian Bale.

Will Win: "12 Years a Slave". I have controversial opinions about this movie; nevertheless, it is a great movie and is deserving of a Best Picture award.

Best Director

Who I Want to Win: Alfonso Cuarón.

Will Win: Alfonso Cuarón. Come on! "Gravity" was just an amazing cinematical feat.

Best Actor:

Who I Want to Win: Matthew McConaughey. As much as I would love for my favorite actor, Leonardo DiCaprio to finally get his much deserved Oscar, this is Matthew McConaughey's year. Alright, alright, alright (bet you never heard that one before).

Will Win: Matthew McConaughey.

Best Supporting Actor:

Who I Want to Win: Jared Leto.

Will Win: Jared Leto.

Best Actress:

Who I Want to Win: I don't really know. I don't feel strongly either way about any of the nominees. Meryl Streep was hilarious in "August: Osage County". Amy Adams did a good job of conning me through the screen. Didn't see "Blue Jasmine" but I know all about the dramaaaaaa. Sandra isn't going to win (still can't believe she won an OSCAR for "Blind Side". Woof). I really liked Judi Dench in "Philomena" so I'm just gonna go with her.

Will Win: Beats me.

Best Supporting Actress:

Who I Want to Win: Lupita Nyong'o. I thought the best part of "12 Years a Slave" were the performances, especially from Lupita and Michael Fassbender. This is the only catergory that I feel strongly about. If Lupita doesn't win...I'm just going to sit there and watch the rest of the telecast, but I'll be mad though!

Will Win: Lupita Nyong'o (hopefully).

Best Adapted Screenplay:

Who I Want to Win: I feel like such a poser for not having seen "Before Midnight" yet. I even did a marathon of watching all the other Befores but just never got around to seeing this one. Anyway, at one point everyone kept saying this was the one to beat, but now "12 Years a Slave" has become the hot item on the street. If John Ridley were to win, he would be the second black person ever to win in this catergoy and it's 2014...I'm just saying.

Will Win: I don't know. I sure hope you weren't reading this to get help with your Oscar ballot!

Best Original Screenplay:

Who I Want to Win: "Her". Give the operating system some love! (because you know Samantha is out here showing love).

Will Win: "Her".

And I don't really care enough about the rest of the categories to write about them. Also, since I never got around to posting this, I might as well do it now:

My Top 11 Movies of 2013:

11. Warm Bodies

10. The Conjuring

9. Frances Ha

8. Fruitvale Station

7. The Place Beyond the Pines

6. World War Z

5. Prisoners

4. Gravity

3. Wolf of Wall Street

2. American Hustle

1. Spring Breakers

The end.

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